Sunday, October 16, 2005

Polly Pocket Thumnails

Here are some work in progress Thumbnails, packed full of action, direction, and scribbles galore. Remember, this is the time to think! The thumbnail stage is very malleable and it's the time to explore what works and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to draw outside the lines!


Blogger rubio2d said...

Where have I been all this time?
What a fantastic blog! I've found you via yacinfields,
Thanks for such a huge info!
Nice work, sure I'll be back, keep on blogging!

11:23 AM

Blogger bc3 said...

Well I'm happy you have found my Storyboard blog. If you ever come across something you think would be good to share, let me know! I've looked at your blog, I like your studies from Clockwork Orange, well done. A great study aid!

6:26 PM


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