Friday, October 28, 2005

Yacin the Fawn, from Spain

Here I present to you the work of Man Arenas, the very gifted production artist from Spain (or at least located, orignal orgins uncertain, for sure). Came across these beutiful drawings on his blog. I drop him a line to ask about using some of the materials he had posted. Man Arenas is a genius at setting mood and staging a theatrical productinon sauch as this, "Yacin the Fawn". Man Arenas informed me, "the thumbnails staging storyboard you've seen in my blog were made for the feature named "Lars2, der Kleine Eisbaer". It's a production Thilo Rothkirch / Warner Bros europe." As you can tell by the work he has earned the postion of "visual development, production designer and Art director". The movie has been released last september in Germany. Be sure to keep an eye out for this film.

"my only joy when I design locations
for movies or when I work on storyboards, is the
compositions of the scenes...also the work of lights
and shadows." -Man Arenas

What a great color study!

More info on the artist and on other productions within Dodecaden are worth investing your time.

All images are copyrighted and credit should be given to the artist Man Arenas.